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There are different brands and types of tea and coffee which make it very hard to settle on just one.  The difference in the different teas and coffee are defined by the grade and even type.    It is more difficult to pick the right tea when compared to choosing coffee.  This is because there are so many types of tea.   Here are some tips to assist you to pick the right tea or coffee. 


 Attributes to Have in Mind When Picking the Best Tea for You

When you are picking the rooibos tea that is best for you, you should first decide on why you are taking the tea.   There are various reasons for needing tea.   They include health benefits, caffeine content, relaxation and stress relief and even for the flavor.  Once you have decided, the reason then you can easily identify the tea that will suffice the intention why you are consuming it. 


Health Benefits 

 f the main reason you want to take tea is medical, then you should consume teas that are grown under shades.   Tea grown in shades has a lot of chlorophyll which is nutritious.  Some of the healthy teas are Keemun, Matcha, Gyokuro and Dragon well tea.


 Tea Flavor

 People are different in the flavor of tea that they love.  If you love your tea mild, you should pick White Hair Silver Needle and Golden Monkey.   If you love your tea strong, then you should choose Lapsang Souchong, Sencha, and Pu-erh


 Level of Caffeine

People have different needs for caffeine.  If you like a high content of caffeine, then you should be keen on the type of tea that you choose.   For instance, Matcha, Gyokuro, White Hair Silver Needle, and Golden Monkey have a high content of caffeine.  While Lapsang Souchong, Houjicha, and Big Red Robe have low levels of caffeine.  The caffeine content is normally indicated on the pack of packed teas, and you can easily choose the caffeine level you want.  


Factors to Consider When Choosing the Right Coffee 

 Coffee has very few brands.  However, coffee is differentiated with the region that it comes from and the grade of coffee.    The place where the coffee comes from and how it was developed, defines its taste.  You, therefore, need to identify the taste that you like to identify where you want your coffee to come from and how you want it roasted. 


 Ascertain that you buy fresh coffee.  Check the pack to identify the date it was roasted and how fresh the leaves it was brewed from were. 


Collectively, the information provided will help you identify the best coffee in the world and the best tea for you. 


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